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Members redeem points on airline ticket fares, car and hotel reservations, other merchandise or for charitable donations. Members qualify for privileges according to five membership levels. Rewards include priority airport services, ticket upgrades, access to Air Canada's Maple Leaf lounges and other Star Alliance lounges, and personalized concierge services for making arrangements for restaurants or theaters within cities of arrival.

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Points can also be exchanged for inflight services. The membership application is available on the Air Canada website. Passengers are permitted one standard carry—on baggage and one personal article. Definitions of these items are largely determined by size. Some carry—on items such as coats and small purses are also permitted without counting towards these baggage limits. Passengers traveling with infants on their laps are allowed one additional standard item without charge.

Examples of items which may be either classified as standard or personal baggage depending on their size include carry—on bags, roller bags, briefcases, laptop computers, large purses, sports racquets, cameras, diplomatic bags, consular bags, and garment bags of limited size. Small pets in carriers, registered in advance, may also travel as standard baggage items either in—cabin or in the baggage compartment of the plane, generally with the payment of an additional fee.

Please consult the airline for specific requirements regarding proper documentation and carrier size, etc. For musical instruments and most sporting equipment, please consult the airline's website for the options available for carry—on or checked baggage and applicable fees.

Baggage allowances for checked baggage vary depending on the flight destination and the type of seat purchased. On flights to and from the United States, passengers with economy fare seats generally must pay for all baggage checked.

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Seating types other than economy include more generous allowances for checked baggage, though all baggage exceeding the maximum linear dimensions or weight will require payment of surcharges. Passengers can obtain personalized baggage allowance information for booked flights by consulting the Air Canada website and entering their flight numbers. Note: passengers traveling on codeshare itineraries which include flights with other codeshare airlines are advised that different baggage restrictions may apply for those traveling on an itinerary which begins on another airline.

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