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Most health insurance companies understand that hearing is vital to overall health and provide hearing care benefits to their members. These benefits may cover as much as percent of the cost for hearing aids and services or some percentage of the total cost. In addition, your employer benefit packages may also include a Flexible Spending Account FSA or Health Savings Account HSA that allows you to save a portion of your income before taxes are accessed every year for use to offset healthcare costs such as hearing aids.

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Miracle-Ear retail outlets accept most major insurance plans. Calling the location nearest to you is the easiest way to verify if you are covered and get answers to any other questions you might have. For example, if you do not have insurance Miracle-Ear offers many other solutions to help you get the hearing services you need.

Many locations have financing options available.

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Also, several Miracle-Ear professionals accept credit options such as Wells Fargo Health Advantage or Care Credit — credit companies that specialize in healthcare financing. If all else fails, the Miracle-Ear Foundation is available to help Americans who do not have the resources to obtain hearing aids. This tech builds on all the features that were previously offered and adds a few new ones to keep Miracle-Ear devices on the cutting edge of hearing aid technology.

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Not all devices have all features and it is necessary to consult a Miracle-Ear hearing specialist to determine which model will best suit your unique hearing needs. In , the company that became Miracle-Ear — Dahlberg Inc — was founded to help those people regain their ability to hear and be a part of the world around them. At that time, Miracle-Ear was the name of their hearing aid and they were a small family company.

Today, Miracle-Ear is a subsidiary of Amplifon — an Italian hearing aid company with worldwide distribution — and have headquarters in their two markets Canada and the United States. In fact, Miracle-Ear has more than retail outlet locations within the United States and a rapidly growing number in Canada as well. These Miracle-Ear retail outlets are a network of corporately-owned and franchised locations that offer free hearing test and consultations.

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Over the years, Miracle-Ear has added its own innovations and technological advances to the hearing aid industry. In , they introduced the first in the ear ITE device. In , this charitable organization evolved to include people of all ages when it became the Miracle-Ear Foundation. Today Miracle-Ear offers a full range of hearing devices. Each has a collection of features designed to suit specific hearing needs and there is sure to be a device that meets the needs of everyone. For users constantly immersed in the most difficult environments like large groups or areas with continuous loud background noise.

Because you are a valued health plan member, your insurance has secured low prices on hearing aids from TruHearing. TruHearing only sells models from the leading hearing aid manufacturers.

We believe in quality, so even our standard-level models are rated higher than typical entry-level hearing aids. No matter your level of hearing loss or budget, we have an option that will work for you. Personalized treatment from a hearing care provider is vital to addressing hearing loss.

We work with TruHearing to offer you low out-of-pocket costs on hearing aids.

But how do you find a reputable and qualified one? TruHearing does it for you: Our providers are highly skilled in testing, diagnosing, and recommending the best hearing aids for you. Your Consultant will also be your point of contact as we interface with your insurance and submit claims on our behalf.

Your hearing aids come with a day trial and full backup support. We help you successfully transition to using your hearing aids by including up to three provider visits for fitting and adjustments.

contadimorot.ml TruHearing can verify your hearing aid coverage and can handle most applicable claim submissions, minimizing your headaches and out-of-pocket costs. We make it easy to get affordable hearing aids and service. Your TruHearing Hearing Consultant will answer any questions, check your insurance eligibility, including verifying your copayment amount, and set up an appointment with a certified TruHearing provider near you. Our provider will perform a hearing exam and recommend hearing aids that accommodate your hearing loss, budget, and lifestyle.

Call now to speak with a Hearing Consultant: Please leave this field empty. TruHearing Choice Product Category Comparison TruHearing Choice offers a rich array of models, styles, colors, and features to meet your hearing loss needs.

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