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In a rising interest rate environment, their value is likely to fall more than other bonds. For individuals, zero coupon bonds may serve several investment purposes.

By placing funds in a U. Treasury zero, a parent can be assured that the funds will be fully intact to meet this liability.

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How Does It Work? Price Swings One of the biggest risks of zero coupon bonds is their sensitivity to swings in interest rates. The bond may thereafter be transferred by the registered owner in person or by attorney duly authorized on presentation to the treasurer, and again registered, a similar statement being stamped, printed, or written upon it.

The statement stamped, printed, or written upon the bond may be in substantially the following form:.

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Date, giving month, year, and day. Treasurer or such other officer. After any bond has been registered, the principal and interest shall be payable to the registered owner. The city treasurer shall keep in his office a book showing at all times what bonds are registered and in whose names.

What it is:

Notwithstanding any provision of law to the contrary, bonds, issued pursuant to statute or city charter, may be in the form of coupon bonds or registered bonds, or some in the form of coupon bonds and some in the form of registered bonds, as provided in the proceedings for their issuance.

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